A line of green, blue and pink mayflies flying out of a calming ravine of water.

Annemieke Mein, Dance of the Mayflies 1988, high relief wall sculpture, 110 x 180 x 10cm. Courtesy of Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale.

The exquisite textiles of ANNEMEIKE MEIN

One of Australia’s most acclaimed textile artists, Annemieke Mein OAM returns to The Gallery @ BACC for Habitat, a show exploring her love of the environment.

Dutch born Mein’s virtuosic textiles works are acclaimed across the world for their intricate detail and profound beauty.

Drawn towards representations of nature, Mein’s extraordinary life-like depictions of insects, birds, frogs and plants, fundamentally alter our expectations of what can be achieved with a needle and thread.

This exhibition builds on the success of a previous 2012 exhibition at the Gallery at Bayside Arts and Culture Centre that drew visitors from across Australia.

The exhibition will feature a range of works including wall hangings as well as three-dimensional sculptural objects.

Habitat: Annemieke Mein
24 September to 6 November

The Gallery @ BACC
Bayside Arts and Cultural Centre
Corner of Carpenter and Wilson Streets, Brighton

From the curator: Julie Skate, The Gallery @ BACC
“Annemieke Mein is one of Australia’s most extraordinary textile artists.”

“Her intricate and life-like creations both fascinate and delight audiences with their sheer virtuosity.”

“Through this exhibition we will explore Mein’s commitment to environmentalism exemplified through her long and ongoing commitment to creating exquisite textile-based representations of the natural world.”

From the artist: Annemieke Mein
“The encouragement of an awareness of our environment and an understanding of the importance of the preservation of our natural heritage are among the most important needs of our time.”

High resolution images are available on request. Please contact Matt on 03 9599 4385.

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