The 2015 Resonance Music Series was staged in association with:

  • Bayside Chamber Orchestra
  • Early Arts Guild of Victoria
  • Melba Opera Trust
  • Melbourne Composers' League
  • Percy Grainger Youth Orchestra

Bayside Chamber Orchestra - Program 1

Sunday 22 March 2015 at 2:30pm
St Leonard's Uniting Church
2 Wolseley Grove Brighton

W.A. Mozart - Symphonia Concertante for Violin, Viola and Orchestra K.364
A. Schoenberg - Verklärte Nacht
R. Vaughan Williams - Fantasia on Greensleeves
B. Martinu - Nonet for Wind and Strings

Melba Opera Trust - Program 1

Sunday 12 April 2015 at 2.15pm
St Andrew’s by the Sea
Cnr. Balcombe Road & Central Avenue, Black Rock

Concert repertoire (PDF, 543KB)

Early Arts Guild of Victoria - Dancing To Paradise

Sunday 3 May 2015 at 2:15pm
Trinity Uniting Church
15 Black Street, Brighton 

Dance had an important role in the medieval church. They danced along the pilgrim trails and around the graves of loved ones. In the great cathedrals the clergy and altar-servers stepped out symbolic patterns in the stone-tiled floors. There were dances that carried the faithful through the gate of heaven and on to the endless circles of the angels. The Early Music Consort and Rippon Lea Dancers, with medieval instruments and costumes, will explore this colorful repertoire. A rare event!

Early Arts Guild of Victoria - When in Rome

Sunday 31 May 2015 at 2.15pm
Stephen's Anglican Church
Cnr North Road & Cochrane Street, Brighton

Experience the rich musical history of Rome in a beautiful venue. Kieran Crichton (organ) and Matthew Schultz (trumpet) will perform spectacular works by Ludovico Viadana, and former St Peter’s Basilica organists Ercole Pasquini and Giralomo Frescobaldi.

The Gallery @ BACC presents:

Percy Grainger Youth Orchestra: In the Company of Strangers

Sunday 28 June at 2.15pm
Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre (Brighton Town Hall)

A hand-picked string quartet selected from the 70-piece Percy Grainger Youth Orchestra perform in this one-off concert. The performance will showcase a mix of Grainger’s work and other classical compositions.

The performance will coincide with the exhibition, Percy Grainger: In the Company of Strangers. Part of the Midwinter Masters series, the exhibition will run 20 June to 9 August 2015 at The Gallery @ Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre.

For more information visit bayside.vic.gov.au/thegalleryatbacc or phone (03) 9592 0291.

The exhibition

Brighton-born musician Percy Grainger is primarily known for his work as a composer and pianist, yet his lesser known arrangements and inventions demonstrate the extent of his wide-ranging and innovative endeavours.

This exhibition seeks to present and explore the aspect of the polymath in Grainger’s personality, and in those of contemporary Australian practitioners. John BROOKS, Darren SYLVESTER, Dylan MARTORELL, Alasdair McLUCKIE, Rebecca MONAGHAN, and Kate TUCKER have each responded to the objects held in the Grainger Museum to produce tactile works that push the boundaries of popular aesthetics and social norms.

Early Arts Guild of Victoria - Pieces de Viole a la Jeunesse

Sunday 5 July 2015 at 2.15pm
Trinity Uniting Church
15 Black Street, Brighton (access from St Andrew's & Carpenter Streets only)

Great concerts are like great oak trees. Planning starts in a small way and grows and grows. Miriam Morris (viols) was the starting point for this program. She was later joined by two of her top students as well as outstanding Sydney gambist Laura Moore and vocalists from Queens College Choir. The artists will perform works by Sainte Colombe and Marais along with a presentation of Charpentier featuring voices and viols.

Melba Opera Trust -  Program 2

Sunday 19 July 2015 at 2:15pm
St Andrew's by the Sea
Cnr. Balcombe Road & Central Avenue, Black Rock

Concert repertoire (PDF, 459KB) - Repertoire updated 8 July 2015

Early Arts Guild of Victoria - Musicke's Miscellanie

Sunday 2 August 2015 at 2:15pm
Trinity Uniting Church
15 Black Street, Brighton (access from St Andrew's & Carpenter Streets only)

Experience the music of the High Renaissance. Vocalists Margaret Arnold and Jerzy Kozlowski, with harpsichordist David Macfarlane and the Early Music Society of Victoria Ensemble, will perform major works by Telemann, Scheidt and Schütz. These will include Schütz’s Fili Mi Absoln and a sacred cantata from the Harmonischen Gottesdienstes by Telemann. Viols, sackbut shawm, recorder and harpsichord will be featured to create one of the most distinctive sounds in early music.

Bayside Chamber Orchestra - Program 2

Sunday 9 August 2015 at 2:30pm
St Martin's, Beaumaris Uniting Church
Corner Gibb Street & Dalgetty Road, Beaumaris

I. Stravinsky - Concerto in Eb 'Dumbarton Oaks'
W. A Mozart - Symphonie No. 40
L. Spohr - Nonet for Wind and Strings
A new work by Carolyn Morris

Melbourne Composers' League - Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon

Sunday 30 August at 3pm 
(this event was originally scheduled for Saturday 6 June 2015, updated 27 April 2015)
Trinity Uniting Church
17 Black Street, Brighton

A presentation of new chamber music from Australia and China performed by Robert Schubert (clarinet) and Jacinta Dennett (harp).

Compositions by:
Johann Sebastian Bach (arranged by Julian Yu), Eve Duncan, Livia Judge, Paul Moulatlet, Andrián Pertout, Johanna Selleck, Nalin Shen and Tianming Wang

Works by the Melbourne Composers’ League will be presented alongside the work of composers from Hangzhou. The capital of Zhejiang province in Eastern China, Hangzhou is a political, economic and cultural centre with a vibrant music scene.

Early Arts Guild of Victoria - All About The Pied Piper

Sunday 6 September 2015 at 2.15pm
Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre, Brighton Town Hall
Cnr Wilson and Carpenter Streets, Brighton

Everyone has heard about the 14th century’s evil ratcatcher with his so-called magic flute, who led the children out of Hamelin in Germany. But is the story just a fable or did something really happen? Can there be a simple answer to all the questions?

The Early Music Consort and Rippon Lea Dancers, along with brilliant vocalist Erika Tandiono, attempt to tell a different story. Period costumes and early instruments will feature in this fascinating program

Bayside Chamber Orchestra - Program 3

Sunday 15 November 2015 at 2:30pm
St Leonard's Uniting Church
2 Wolseley Grove Brighton

J. Haydn - Symphony No. 45 'Farewell'
G. Gershwin - Scenes from Porgy and Bess
C. Debussy (arranged Schoenberg) - Prélude à l'Après Midi D'un Faune
(G. Bottesini - Concerto for Double Bass, now replaced) - Update 5 October, this item replaced by A. Capuzzi - Concerto for Double Bass
A new work by Tom Campbell.Early Arts Guild of Victoria - Dancing To Paradise

Early Arts Guild of Victoria - Christmas Pageant:
With Ox And Ass Beside Him

Sunday 6 December 2015 at 2:15pm
Trinity Uniting Church
15 Black Street, Brighton (access from St Andrew's & Carpenter Streets only)

The Early Arts Guild of Victoria’s fifteenth annual Christmas pageant will tell the story of the Bethlehem crib from ancient to recent times. This unique festive celebration will feature the Early Music Consort of Melbourne, Rippon Lea Dancers and associate artists.

The program will include music, choreography and poems from the medieval to the baroque eras. Period costumes and early instruments will be among the other attractions. Research and direction by Helga Hill OAM.

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Brighton Town Hall
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