Bayside to implement paid parking on Beach Road

31 July 2013

Costs of maintaining Bayside’s foreshore will be better shared following a decision to expand paid parking to include locations along Beach Road.

Twenty seven parking machines will be installed where there is beach access, mostly in Brighton and Hampton and select locations in Sandringham and Black Rock.

Mayor Stephen Hartney said large numbers of people visit Bayside’s 17 kilometres of foreshore each year, putting pressure on infrastructure and services needed to support increasing patronage.

 Consultation around the proposal identified a range of issues and concerns for local residents about the possible consequences of metered parking.

“We still think there is an imperative to do this and we are confident that we can manage most of the issues raised.

“The annual revenue raised will help recoup an estimated 10 per cent of the $2 million spent on maintaining the foreshore each year.  

“Council has set itself the task of finding other streams of revenue, and it is fair that all beach users contribute to the cost of maintaining the foreshore,” Cr Hartney said.

One hour parking restrictions will apply for approximately 200 metres along the side streets off Beach Road in order to protect residential amenity and avoid parking congestion.

Residents living along Beach Road and in side streets will be eligible for residential parking permits and Bayside residents with a Beach Parking Permit will be exempt from paying parking fees.

An impending review of the residential parking permit scheme will provide a further opportunity for residents concerns to be taken into account.

Existing parking arrangements near shops and commercial areas along Beach Road will be maintained.

The ticket machines will be installed before next summer. Council will promote the new the changes via a communication and awareness program.

Page last updated: 26 Nov 2013