A new focus for Bayside’s Healthy Ageing Committee

16 December 2013

Newly appointed members of Bayside’s Healthy Ageing Reference Group are keen to start work immediately engaging with residents aged 55+, identifying their future needs, and assisting with the development of strategic directions for their ongoing wellbeing.

The newly formed Committee will advocate on issues affecting older Bayside residents, provide community input on the development of Council policies, plans and the services that impact older people, and be ambassadors for and monitor and review the implementation and effectiveness of Council’s Ageing Well in Bayside: Aged Friendly Strategy 2008-2018.

At its November meeting, Council appointed fifteen new members for a two year term (see below) and a revised name and terms of reference for the Group.

Bayside Mayor Laurence Evans thanked the outgoing members of the former Older Adults Advisory Group and congratulated the members of the new Committee on their appointment, emphasising the importance of their role on behalf of Bayside’s ageing population.

“The new name of the Committee better reflects the purpose and function of the group as it has evolved over recent years.  It will continue to focus on issues that affect older people and develop strategies that encourage and support healthy ageing in Bayside,” he said.

New Committee members:

Sue Steele

Elizabeth Jensen

Rowena Arnold

Kathryn Davis

Michel Waddington

Lesley Merle Bawden

John Barlow

Yolande Henderson

Janet Rich

Richard Rozen, OAM

Bridget Hsu-Hage

Joy Reyment

Stephen Le Page

Lyn Stanton

Bill Crombie

Page last updated: 16 Dec 2013