Improving pedestrian safety along Jetty Road

19 February 2014

Council has developed options for improving safety for pedestrians in the vicinity of Jetty Road Sandringham in response to concerns expressed by users and key stakeholders.

A study completed in October last year identified that pedestrians regularly walked on the road due to the layout and functionality of the existing paths.

The study identified key conflict areas along the length of Jetty Road, for which Council has identified various solutions.

These solutions address design matters including poor functional layout of the paths, cars not parking as directed and the narrow width of gravel paths.

Mayor Laurence Evans said the objective is to improve safety for residents and visitors now and into the future.

“The Sandringham Harbour precinct is an important destination for visitors as well as a favourite among locals,” Cr Evans said.

“The ultimate outcome will improve the site for users by providing safe access around this significant foreshore destination,” he said.

Detailed design will follow community input on the options. Consultation is planned for April.

Page last updated: 21 Feb 2014