New dog off leash area for Hampton East

1 July 2015

A new dog off leash area in Wishart Reserve, Hampton East, has been approved by Bayside City Council and will be available for this use once appropriate fencing and signage have been installed.  The Reserve remains an on-leash area until signs indicate otherwise.

An area of approximately 9,000m2 in Wishart Reserve has been deemed suitable for dogs to be exercised off leash and the rest of the Reserve including the playground area, will remain on leash (as per the map image supplied).

Bayside Mayor, Cr Felicity Frederico, said “the need to review dog off leash areas in Hampton East, Highett, and the easement adjacent to Castlefield Reserve, was identified as an action in the Council approved Domestic Animal Management Plan 2012-2016.

Dog off leash areas provide opportunities for people and dogs to socialise, and are always well utilised by dog owners. 

The community consultation results and our analysis deemed this section of Wishart Reserve to be the most appropriate location for a dog off leash area in Hampton East.  It is a large area suitable for dogs to exercise and can be separated from the playground area with a fence”.

An analysis of all public open spaces in Highett and Hampton East was completed and Wishart Reserve best met the various criteria used to assess suitability for a dog off-leash area.

Castlefield Easement (between Castlefield Reserve and Villeroy Street) was also assessed but deemed not appropriate for a dog off leash site as it is long and narrow at approximately seven metres wide and 180 metres long, and could interfere with pedestrian use and may increase noise levels to adjacent houses.

Dog owners are responsible for keeping their dogs 20 metres from a playground area and must always carry bags to clean up after their pet.















Image caption: New dog off leash area,
9,000m2 of Wishart Reserve, Hampton East

Page last updated: 01 Jul 2015