More thought needed for level crossing removals at Cheltenham

24 March 2016

Bayside City Council has called on the State Government to take a more coordinated approach to removing level crossings around Cheltenham train station.

Council fears the State Level Crossing Removal Authority is currently pursuing an approach to removing the Charman Road level crossing in a way that would rule out the possibility of removing the Park Road level crossing which is only 150 metres along the track.

Bayside Mayor, Cr James Long BM JP said that it was important that the State Government take a longer term view to improvements and upgrades on the Frankston train line.

“Council welcomes moves by the State Government to remove the level crossing at Charman Road but it is important that any works are constructed with a view to the future,” Cr Long said

“Under the current proposed method for removing the level crossing at Charman Road it would be nearly impossible to undertake similar work to remove the adjacent Park Road level crossing in the future.

“Council is also calling on the State Government to engage with the community on all options including both above ground and below ground options for the removal.

“It is important that the State Government includes options for the removal of the Park Road level crossing and consult with the community about both it and the Charman Road crossing removal before proceeding to award any tender for the construction works.”

Cheltenham Station is a key location for commuters and there is an opportunity for any community consultation work to include options for commuter parking.

“Undertaking community consultation for level crossing removal at nearby Cheltenham Station provides an opportunity to explore options for expanding commuter parking capacity,” he said.

“This is all the more important in light of the State Government’s move to construct the new Southland station as a destination station without any additional commuter parking.”

Council will make made formal requests to relevant Ministers as well as directly to the Level Crossing Removal Authority that community consultation should occur and that it should examine both the level crossings at Park Road and Charman Road, Chetlenham.

Page last updated: 24 Mar 2016