Setting the right future for Hampton East

26 February 2016

Bayside City Council has approved a new Structure Plan for the Hampton East activity centre, located on the Bayside side of the Nepean Highway around Moorabbin Station.

Bayside Mayor Cr James Long BM JP said that the area around Hampton East is one of the areas identified under the Bayside Planning Scheme as appropriate for increased growth, and is designated in the State Government’s Plan Melbourne as an area to encourage residential growth.

“With the population of Melbourne growing at around 100,000 people each year all municipalities are being directed to plan for growth,” Cr Long said.

“While efforts must be made to plan for some of this population growth Council is commited to ensuring that any future growth has a Bayside flavour.

“To this end we have worked closely with the Hampton East community over the past three years to ensure that future plans for this area are in keeping with community expectations, whilst meeting the State Government requirements to plan for increased population growth.”

To help ensure any future development is right for Bayside the final Structure Plan proposes that building heights step down from the Nepean Highway and that any increased density is offset by the opportunity for new public open space.

“A key element of the Structure Plan is the creation of a new public square in place of an existing poorly designed car park just behind the Nepean Highway,” Cr Long said.

“This new proposed public square promises to provide the focal point for a revitalised mixed use zone and a vibrant new space for local residents.

 “Development has also been capped at six storeys and only in those areas immediately adjacent to the Nepean Highway which is significantly lower than the ten storeys allowed in the corresponding Kingston City Council areas on the other side of the highway.

“Under this plan building heights tier down from the area near the Highway to just two to three storeys in the areas that are adjacent to neighbouring suburban streets at the edge of the activity centre area.

Improving the appearance of the Nepean Highway corridor and advocating to the State Government to improve the ability for pedestrians to cross the highway are also key actions which the community felt strongly about.

Cr Long said that feedback during the consultation period had been largely positive about the proposed vision for the area.

“Community feedback was supportive of ideas for helping to revitalise this part of the municipality and during the final round of consultation 86% of respondents were supportive of the Structure Plan vision,” Cr Long said.

To help achieve the right balance Council will be moving to change the area from General Residential Zone to an Activity Centre Zone which enables specific planning controls to be designed for the area, rather than the standard commercial and residential zones.

“Alongside the implementation of the Activity Centre Zone, the first of its kind in Bayside, Council will also be working to set building heights for residential precincts within the activity centre as mandatory, providing greater surety for residents and developers alike.”

With the endorsement of the Structure Plan, Council will now commence the development of an Amendment to the Bayside Planning Scheme to include the vision for the area in the Scheme.

Members of the public will be provided with a further opportunity to comment on the translation of the Structure Plan into planning scheme amendment documents as part of the Amendment Process which is expected to occur later in 2016.

Page last updated: 04 Apr 2016