More parking permits for residents

25 August 2016

Bayside residents will be able to access more parking permits as a result of changes to policies for managing on-street car parking.

The Managing On-Street Parking Demand and Resident Parking Permit policies aim to balance the car parking needs of residents and their visitors, traders, shoppers, workers and commuters.

Bayside Mayor, Councillor James Long BM JP, said community feedback was sought to assist Council in identifying and considering key issues in the management of parking.

“Parking is a challenging issue for Council so we sought the views of the community. The feedback reflected a range of diverse views and helped us to revise the policies to better manage demand for parking in residential streets and streets close to shopping centres, train stations, schools and commercial centres in particular."

“The consultation confirmed road safety as the top priority in high demand areas. Council’s approach to introducing parking restrictions along one side of residential streets rather than both, was also endorsed by the community.”

As a result of the consultation and policy review, residents of dual occupancy developments will now be eligible for parking permits. The number of permits available to residents in properties on restricted parking streets will increase by one on request – residents can now choose between four permits for specific vehicles or three for specific vehicles plus one paid visitor permit. Resident permits will now be available for one day special events.

The consultation process confirmed that commuter parking remains a challenging issue. Commuter parking is the responsibility of the State government and Council has lobbied successive governments to provide more commuter parking and increased bus services to connect with trains.

Council has called on the Minister for Public Transport, the Hon Jacinta Allan, MP to make public the recently completed audit of parking facilities at train stations.

Page last updated: 29 Aug 2016