Bayside Council Urges Residents to Clear Fire Hazards

20 November 2012

Over the coming weeks over 500 Bayside land owners will receive a letter from Council reminding them of their responsibility to clear their properties of fire hazards.

Council’s Director Infrastructure Services, Steven White, said that the letter to residents is an initiative to minimise fire risk in Bayside.

“Despite the heavy rain during spring and early summer, residents should implement a regular maintenance program to ensure that all Bayside properties are maintained in a way to reduce the risk of injury and damage by fire, especially over the summer months,” said Steven White. 

“It may surprise some people that residential properties in the Melbourne metropolitan area can pose a fire threat.  We ask that all Bayside property owners take the necessary steps to prevent fires and minimise the possibility of the spread of fire by keeping their property free of old timber stacks, dry leaves, undergrowth and grass that exceeds 300mm in height,” he said.

The letter to residents also advises that inspections of properties across the City are conducted in December and January to identify fire risks.   A notice to comply may be issued to the land owner indicating what works need to be completed to reduce the risk of fire. 

Residents failing to comply with the notice can face a fine of $500 and may be required to meet the cost incurred by Council to clear the property of fire hazards.

“Now is the time to prepare your property for the summer period.  It may be necessary for residents to clear their property more than once over the fire season due to summer growth,” said Mr. White. 

Residents requiring advice on what fire prevention works may be necessary should contact Bayside City Council on 9599 4444 and a Council officer will assist with an assessment and advise on what fire prevention works are required. 

Page last updated: 19 Nov 2012