Housing and population density

Recent consultation for the Bayside Community Plan 2025 has affirmed people love living in Bayside for the beaches, big blocks and leafy streets, parks and gardens, local shopping villages, good schools and family living in close proximity to the city.

Residents nominated their biggest concern as housing density. Last year Council achieved the strictest planning controls available in Victoria for 83% of residential land in Bayside. This restricts development in these parts to two storeys and no more than two dwellings per block.

Currently Council is seeking to amend the planning scheme to prevent subdivision in 80% of this 83% of Bayside. This will further limit increases in density but will also limit revenue available for providing community services and infrastructure.

When compared with its neighbours Bayside has:

  • the highest proportion of separate houses
  • a low proportion of people per hectare
  • a high proportion of open space
  • the smallest population
  • the fewest rateable properties
  • a high percentage of residential properties
  • the highest proportion of revenue derived from rates

Graphs showing the affect that housing and population density affects rates

Page last updated: 27 Nov 2015