Invitation to Participate in Bayside Bike Riding Survey

13 November 2012

The Bayside community is invited to participate in a bike riding survey to be conducted as part of Council’s commitment to providing a transport system that meets the needs of all residents.

Bayside City Council has teamed up with Bicycle Network Victoria to conduct the BikeScope survey that will support the provision of innovative sustainable transport infrastructure and increased sustainable transport usage.

Mayor Cr Stephen Hartney explained that feedback from the BikeScope survey will provide an in-depth analysis of the riding environment within Bayside using direct input from residents and riders and will assist Council with the development of its new Bicycle Strategy.

“Even those people who do not ride a bike are encouraged to take part in the survey,” he said.

“Monitoring the usage of the bicycle network is important to Council as it provides evidence of the value of the network which could be useful in obtaining future funding.”

The BikeScope survey will identify the needs of both residents and riders in relation to the bicycle network as well as assist in identifying measures that need to be addressed to facilitate an increase in cycling participation within Bayside.

BikeScope is an online survey and anyone who lives or cycles through Bayside is encouraged to complete the survey online via the Council website

The survey asks questions on the following:

  • Frequency and type of bike riding.
  • Destinations – where are people riding to within Bayside
  • Routes – the on-road and off-road cycle routes within Bayside that people use to ride to their destination
  • Priorities for improvement by Council as perceived by bike riders
  • Bike parking use and priorities for improved bike parking as perceived by bike riders
  • Routes to school improvements; and
  • a rating scale reflecting perceptions of cycling in Bayside.

The survey is being undertaken throughout November and closes on Monday 3 December 2012.

For further information regarding the BikeScope survey, residents should contact Bayside City Council on 9599 4444 or email

Page last updated: 13 Nov 2012