Myna Birds are go: Nation’s local councils agree vision for Indian Myna free Australia

18 June 2015

A national program to manage invasive Indian Myna birds is one step closer with the Annual General Assembly of the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) this week agreeing to press the Federal Government for action on the matter.

Bayside City Council spokesperson Cr Bruce Lowe said that the agreement was a win for native bird populations across Australia.

“Indian Myna birds aggressively displace native bird populations in areas across Australia,” Cr Lowe said.

“To help protect the numbers and diversity of native bird populations in 2014 Council helped to establish the Bayside Indian Myna Action Group which is now starting to address the issue of Indian Myna over-population in our suburbs.

“To be truly effective however local programs need national support to stop birds simply repopulating from neighbouring areas.

“The agreement of the Australian Local Government Association’s Annual General Assembly to pursue this matter with the Federal Government is a win for native birds and bird-lovers alike.”

The agreement comes following a motion authored by Bayside City Council that would see ALGA take a leadership role in advocating for the establishment of a nation-wide program.

“Indian Myna Action Groups are now operating in a number of areas across Australia and enjoy strong community support,” Cr Lowe said.

“Bayside City Council is delighted that our colleagues from across Australian local government have agreed to join us in working towards a national approach for this important conservation issue.”

The agreement at a national level follows on from Bayside’s recent successful motion to the MAV State Council to advocate for a Victorian program for managing Indian Myna populations.

“The time has come for urgent and systematic action to address the detrimental effect that Indian Mynas are having on Australia’s biodiversity.”

Page last updated: 18 Jun 2015