A New Alcohol Harm Minimisation Policy for Bayside

26 June 2013

A new Alcohol Harm Minimisation Policy to support and guide Council decisions based on principles of harm minimisation has been adopted after undergoing an extensive community consultation program.

The development of the draft Policy was informed through input received from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, Victoria Police, and community health agencies and local health services.

This Policy is the first of its kind to be adopted by Council and is consistent with the Bayside Health and Wellbeing Plan 2009-2013.

The draft Policy was widely distributed to key Bayside stakeholders including 43 sporting clubs and 308 licensed venues. It was also made available for community comment on Council’s website.

Based on a harm minimisation framework consistent with State and Federal government policies and health agencies, it outlines the approach and actions for Council to take across three areas – supply, demand and harm reduction.

Bayside’s new Alcohol Minimisation Policy is intended to enhance community health and wellbeing, local amenity and community safety and, while it doesn’t involve major change to current practices, it has been developed to provide clarity, consistency and transparency for decision makers and the community.

Council has a number of statutory powers and decision making responsibilities in relation to the use of alcohol in our community. These include:

  • Requests to Council for permission to apply for liquor licences on Council land.
  • Applications for liquor licences referred to Council by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) for comment.
  • Planning permit applications for licensed premises.
  • Amenity issues related to alcohol under the Bayside Consolidated Local Law No 2.
  • Programs and services, for example promotion of responsible alcohol use through youth services; and
  • Provision and promotion of alcohol at Council managed or sponsored community events.

To view a copy of Bayside’s new Alcohol Harm Minimisation Policy contact Bayside City Council on 9599 4444 or visit Council’s website on www.bayside.vic.gov.au.

Page last updated: 27 Jun 2013