Planning Scheme Amendment C87 Adopted

2 July 2013

The preservation of the historical significance of the Brighton Town Hall precinct moved a step closer after Council adopted Amendment C87 of the Bayside Planning Scheme at its June Meeting.

According to Acting Mayor James Long, while there are heritage controls afforded to individual buildings in the vicinity of the Brighton Town Hall, there were no heritage controls which sought to protect the overall heritage integrity of the precinct.

“Taking the initiative to protect the heritage of all these wonderful Brighton buildings is an important part of Council’s role, not only for the benefit of this generation but for future generations,” he said.

“While there are some individual sites in this area that already benefit from a Heritage Overlay, we believe that all properties and features with historical significance in the precinct should be protected and preserved.”

Council accepted the Planning Panel’s report, subject to the inclusion of an additional property in Boxshall Street, and will now submit the adopted Amendment C87 to the Minister of Planning for final approval.

The Minister’s response is expected prior to the next Council Meeting at the end of July.

Bayside City Council protects important heritage places including buildings and areas, Aboriginal and archaeological sites and trees through heritage controls contained in the Planning Scheme. This ensures that Council plays a statutory role in recording and protecting places of value to our local community.

Buildings and precincts of heritage importance are identified through a heritage study, carried out by a heritage consultant on behalf of Council, in order to determine whether or not the place is significant and if it warrants heritage protection in the Bayside Planning Scheme.

Page last updated: 02 Jul 2013