Storms force closure of boat ramps for snapper season

18 September 2014

Boat ramps at Half Moon Bay in Black Rock and North Road, Brighton have been closed due to the risks of there being nowhere to safely tie boats after storms caused significant damage to mooring jetties in both locations.

Council closed the boat ramps over safety concerns after mariners were observed getting into trouble and assistance had to be rendered on several occasions.

Bayside City Council Mayor Cr Laurence Evans said the jetties cannot be repaired and reconstructing the facilities is expected to take some months.

“Both jetties are irreparable and require full reconstruction. This requires design work to be completed and a tender process for construction which we expect to advertise in November,” said Cr Evans.

“We are acutely aware of the inconvenience this will cause to mariners, particularly during the coming snapper season.

“There are two more boat ramps for smaller boats at Half Moon Bay. These will remain open in the interests of maintaining access but we will be monitoring their use and if it is apparent that there are safety issues we may have to revisit this.

“A planned upgrade of the Black Rock boat ramp will be carried out at the same time as the reconstruction.

“This includes extending the ramp into deeper water to allow greater opportunity to launch boats outside of high tides and provide safer conditions. The catwalk will also be extended as part of the upgrade” .

The main boat ramps are expected to remain closed until April 2015. Alternative facilities are located at St Kilda and Mordialloc.

The pier at Half Moon Bay that is managed by Parks Victoria is also closed due to damage caused by the same storm. The pier sustained less damage than the catwalk managed by Council and is expected to be repaired and reopened sooner.

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Page last updated: 18 Sep 2014