Half Moon Bay boat ramp re-opened

16 October 2014

The boat ramp at Half Moon Bay which was closed in July 2014 as a result of storm damage has been re-opened for the summer following the removal of the damaged catwalk.

Bayside’s Mayor, Cr Laurence Evans said that while the ramp has been reopened boaters are advised to take appropriate care when using the facility.

“In September of this year Council commissioned a independent assessment about the possibility of re-opening the Half Moon Bay boat ramp in time for summer,” Cr Evans said.

“The assessment indicated that subject to the removal of the damaged catwalk, the ramp could be reopened to the public,”

“Bayside City Council has chosen to reopen the facility but users are advised to take appropriate care when using the ramp.”

The public are advised that the ramp is not suited to use by:

  • solo operators
  • vessels with a draft over 0.4 metres
  • larger vessels on single or double axle trailers

Cr Evans also advised boaters to be aware that there will be nowhere to safely berth vessels after launching.

“With the removal of the damaged catwalk there is nowhere to berth boats after they have been launched,” Cr Evans said

“This means that it will no longer be possible to launch vessels when boaters are operating alone.”

Construction of the new catwalk is expected to occur early in 2015 and will coincide with previously planned works to upgrade the facility.

“The boat ramp is expected to remain open right through the summer peak season and will be closed again after Easter in order to undertake the reconstruction and upgrade works,” Cr Evans said.

“The reconstruction and upgrade will see the ramp and new catwalk extended into deeper water, allowing greater opportunity to launch boats outside of high tide and provide safer conditions,” Cr Evans said.

“The boat ramp is then expected to reopen in June 2015 upon completion of the works”.

Council has erected a sign at the facilities advising boaters of the changed conditions.

Council is currently conducting a further assessment of the boat ramp at North Road Brighton to examine whether a similar course of action can be pursued at this location, however, in the meantime, this facility continues to remain closed.

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Page last updated: 16 Oct 2014