Council Supports High-Five Practice

26 March 2013

Council Supports Crossing Supervisors Responding to High-fives

Following an over-whelming response by the children and parents of St. Mary’s Primary School in Hampton,  Bayside City Council has withdrawn initial response to a complaint received from a parent regarding its crossing supervisor performing high –fives.  

Council responded to the complaint last week by asking the crossing supervisor to refrain from giving children high-fives. 

However, following advice from the school that parents had signed a petition indicating their support for the crossing supervisor and the practice of high-fives, Council said it was comfortable to allow the practice to continue on the understanding that any parent not wanting their child to receive a high-five must be respected.

In response, Council sent the following message to the school Principal who, in turn, circulated it to its parent group.

“Your school crossing supervisor Graham has been supervising the safe crossing of your children for more than 7 years at St Mary's Primary school. Graham is an experienced and well liked crossing supervisor who greets all children and their families at the start and at the end of each school day.

Recently we have had some feedback and media attention regarding Graham's approach to saying hello, which includes an occasional 'high 5'.

Bayside City Council school crossing supervisors all have a working with children check and receive regular training on appropriate behaviour when greeting children and ensuring their safety whilst crossing the road.

We have been considering the different views of parents who have been in contact with us about this issue.  We think the best way to deal with this is to allow you, the parents/guardians a choice.  If you are uncomfortable with your child receiving a 'high 5' please let Graham know or contact Leanne Dade on (03) 9599 4444.

Our school crossing supervisors, in this instance Graham, provide a great service to our community and are always encouraged to greet children and families in a friendly manner.”

For further information regarding the role of Bayside’s school crossing supervisors, contact Council on 95994444.

Page last updated: 26 Mar 2013