Council Accepts Independent Panel Review of Black Rock Village Structure Plan

19 December 2012

Bayside City Council has accepted a Planning Panel Report after Council’s amended proposal to introduce new planning controls in the Black Rock shopping centre was reviewed by an independent Panel.

The report outlined the following four recommendations and generally supported the Amendment, including land rezoning and associated policy provisions with only minor changes in formatting and wording:

  • The rezoning from Business 2 to Business 1 of shopping centre land in Bluff and Balcombe Roads.
  • Rezoning part of the rear of 38 Bluff Road/1Karrakatta Street from Residential 1 to Business 1.
  • Rezoning 589-591 Balcombe Road from Business 2 to Mixed Use; and
  • No change to the amendment in relation to traffic management.

The Panel’s only modification was a request to redraft the policy requiring the creation of easements for rear access purposes and to ensure this provision applies to all properties in the shopping centre as intended under Amendment C90 Part 1.

The original proposal generated considerable community interest in 2011 with Council receiving a record 293 submissions with only four submissions supportive of amending the existing controls.

The major concerns expressed in submissions related to proposed changes in height controls, potential loss of views, amendments to parking provisions and concerns regarding resulting traffic congestion, an overall desire for the Black Rock shopping centre to remain at its current size and format and a preference for surrounding streets to be retained solely for residential purposes.

As a result of community feedback, amendments to the original structure plan proposal were presented at a Special Council meeting in February this year which was convened for the specific purpose of addressing the high level of community interest.  At this meeting Council resolved to address the key areas of community concern.

At its Meeting on December 18, Council adopted Amendment C90 Part in accordance with Section 29 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 in the form of Attachment 5 of the report and, as a result, will submit the adopted Amendment to the Minister for Planning for his approval.

For further information contact Bayside City Council on 9599 4444 or visit the Council website.

Page last updated: 19 Dec 2012