Bayside moves for national Indian Myna control program

25 March 2015

Bayside City Council will be pressing for all Councils across Australia to support a national program to manage Indian Myna bird populations.

Bayside Councillor Bruce Lowe said that Bayside’s local support for an Indian Myna control group has received strong community endorsement but a national program is important to reinforce the success of locally run programs.

“The establishment of a national agreement for Indian Myna bird control programs across Australia would help shore up local successes by reducing the risk of birds recolonizing from other areas”, Cr Lowe said.

“We call on local councils across Australia to join us to help effectively manage this invasive introduced pest.” Cr Lowe said.

The call will be formally made in a motion to the Annual General Assembly of the Australian Local Government Association in Canberra in June and follows on from a successful similar motion put forward to the MAV State Council.

“Bayside’s recent successful motion to the MAV State Council to support a Victorian program for managing Indian Myna populations suggests that local governments understand the need to urgently and systematically address this problem,” Cr Lowe said.

“Indian Mynas have a detrimental effect on the diversity of native bird populations that they aggressively displace.”

The Annual General Assembly of the Australian Local Government Association will be held in Canberra between 14 and 17 June 2015.

Page last updated: 25 Mar 2015