Kindergartens in Bayside - An Update Report

22 May 2013

The latest report on Council’s kindergarten services has indicated that the funds invested this year by Council, in partnership with Department of Education and Early Childhood Education (DEECD), has averted a shortage in the supply of kindergarten places across Bayside.

The report, submitted to the 21 May Council meeting, contained updated information obtained following the Developing a Sustainable Kindergarten Sector in Bayside report that Council received at its December 2011 meeting.

The information contained in the 2011 report was based on a significant review and consultation with the sector. It provided information about the predicted impacts of the policy, legislative and regulatory changes on the available kindergarten places and presented short and long term renovation options to maximise future three and four year old kindergarten places in Council facilities.

Bayside City Council traditionally has a strong local early childhood education and care sector with 2011 data showing 97.4% of children in Bayside participated in a funded kindergarten program either in council owned facilities, community and church facilities, private early learning centres or a long day care service.

Mayor Stephen Hartney expressed his appreciation for the updated data contained in the most recent report and said that the million dollar plus investment this year in its kindergarten and child care sector has certainly paid dividends.

“The work done by Council over the past year to meet changed policy and regulatory requirements and to keeping its kindergarten facilities functional and appealing, has well positioned Bayside to meet the City’s future requirements,” he said.

“Despite moving quickly and taking the initiative in our planning process, we still have more work to do.

“In the short term we will commit $20,000 from the current budget for the East Beaumaris Kindergarten to improve functionality of the service and to meet regulations. We have also allowed a further $50,000 in the 2013/2014 draft Budget to be used to assess all kindergarten facilities in Bayside and to review changes in our local demographics in order to identify needs across the City and to help Council prioritise upgrades in the future,” concluded Mayor Hartney.

A further report regarding the findings of the kindergarten strategic planning project will be submitted to the December 2013 Council meeting. This report will provide Council with a well researched plan and understanding of how to best meet the current and future demands of the community, taking into account future policy and regulatory changes.

For further information about Bayside’s kindergarten services contact Council on 9599 4444 or visit Council’s website on

Page last updated: 27 May 2013