Managing Bird Feeding in Bayside

26 June 2013

Concern about the proliferation of Corella birds in East Brighton will be the subject of a Council report in August following many complaints by residents.

The large number of Corella birds congregating in the Landcox Park area, and the inappropriate practice of bird feeding, was brought to Council’s attention at its June meeting.

In response, Council resolved to request a report for its August meeting on the issues of inappropriate feeding of native birds by residents, and a recommendation on what action can be taken to support residents affected in situations such as this.

The report will recommend what action Council might take to address the negative impact the feeding practice is having on the residential amenity of the neighbouring residents and the impact it has on the bird life itself.

Currently there are no State or Local controls governing the feeding of wildlife on private property or public land. Local Brighton residents believe that the bird feeding is the reason the numbers are proliferating and the birds are causing damage to nearby properties.

Over recent weeks Council has responded to this issue by:

  • Researching the habits and life-cycle of Corella birds.
  • Writing to 300 residents with a Department of Environment and Primary Industries 'Living with Wildlife' fact sheet and an information sheet from Council discouraging residents from feeding wildlife.
  • Inviting local residents to a Council funded information session with a wildlife expert at Brighton Library on 18 June 2013, at 6.00 pm.
  • Contacting the Department of Environment and Primary Industries regarding the issue, requesting that the resident concerned be contacted regarding feeding the birds.
  • Visiting the resident concerned on a number of occasions where a Local Laws officer requested that the resident stop feeding the birds.
  • Increased Council patrols in the area after receiving reports of feed also being placed on the naturestrip and in the nearby park; and
  • Investigating whether bird feeding is encouraging vermin after residents reported an increase of rats to the area.

Bayside Council will continue to work with the Department of Environment and Primary Industries to assist local residents affected by this situation and educate people regarding the negative impact that feeding of wildlife can have.

For further information regarding Corellas in Bayside and the feeding of native birds, contact Council on 9599 4444.

Page last updated: 27 Jun 2013