Ministerial Support for Bayside's Future Development

1 May 2013

Minister for Planning gives “conditional authorisation” to Bayside’s guide for future residential development

Bayside’s Housing Strategy, Council’s guide to how residential development in Bayside will be planned and managed over the next twenty years, has moved another step forward after Victoria’s Minister for Planning, the Hon. Mathew Guy, gave support for the amendment to be exhibited.

Now that the Minister’s authorisation has been provided, the amendment will be placed on public exhibition for a period of at least one month, expected to commence in July.

Amendment C106 gives effect to the Housing Strategy adopted by Council in September last year and will provide better protection for the amenity, neighbourhood character and streetscapes of residential neighbourhoods across Bayside.

It also aims to give certainty to residents and to limit the height of future developments to nine metres in areas identified for minimal residential growth. Other changes include increased private open space requirements for areas identified for minimal growth.

The Housing Strategy guides the location and type of residential development required in order to meet the changing needs of the Bayside’s community.

Amendment C106 proposes changes to clarify open space requirements in minimal residential growth areas; apply the same nine metre height limit to developments with discretionary uses such as medical centres, child care centres and schools; and retain the BP site on the corner of North Road and Nepean Highway in the Residential 1 zone to enable development to moderate growth.

“It will also assist Council when matters are heard at VCAT,” said Mayor Stephen Hartney.

“High density development will be limited to Bayside’s principal and major activity centres, whilst medium density development will be supported in large neighbourhood activity centres.

“Small neighbourhood activity centres will accommodate shop top housing which respects the local surroundings.

“Including the Strategy in the Bayside Planning Scheme will strengthen the weight of local policy.  It will also enable Council to proactively manage how and where future housing and residential development will be provided within Bayside and how the associated impacts will be managed, providing certainty to both residents and developers alike,” he said.

Council determined at its 30 April Meeting that $50,000 should be allocated in the 2013/2014 Budget to fund the necessary community consultation and public exhibition of the Amendment.

Further information on Bayside’s Housing Strategy is available from Council’s website on or by phoning 9599 4444

Page last updated: 07 May 2013