New approach to health and wellbeing

25 September 2013

Council will partner with service providers to address the health and wellbeing needs of local people of all ages and abilities.

Bayside has similar challenges to many other parts of Victoria, including increasing rates of obesity in men in particular and diabetes. The prevalence of these conditions is related to the ageing population which is accelerated in Bayside.

Areas of particular concern to Bayside include the incidence of mental health issues in young people and increasing reports of family violence.

There is also considerable scope to increase participation in screening and health checks for early detection and intervention for preventable and treatable conditions.

Mayor Stephen Hartney said that local government, in partnership with community organisations, has an important role in assisting people to access the services and support they need across all life stages.

“We all have a role to play in addressing health and well being in Bayside. We recognise that and that’s why we are bringing all the players together to address the needs of our community.

“It’s an integrated approach to planning that has involved all service providers and the community to identify health and wellbeing needs in Bayside,” he said.

The Wellbeing for All Ages and Abilities Strategy was developed as an innovative way of planning for the community to achieve the best possible standards of wellbeing and is supported by action plans.

It is based on evidence about current and future community needs and includes background information on the Bayside community, the policy and legislative context and underpinning principles. 

“This is an important tool that will enable all health, care, education, social support and service organisations to plan infrastructure, services and programs to help the Bayside community enjoy the best standard of health and wellbeing that can be achieved,” the Mayor concluded.

The strategy will now be submitted to the state government to meet the statutory requirement to prepare a Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan. The Wellbeing for All Ages and Abilities Strategy is available at

Page last updated: 26 Sep 2013