Parents encouraged to look beyond academic achievement

3 June 2014

The next generation of Australians need to be adequately supported and equipped in the face of increasing academic pressure according to leading parenting and education expert Kathy Walker.

Kathy will present on this topic at a parent education session run by Bayside City Council on 19 June at St Martin's Uniting Church.

The session explores how parents of young children can help set a strong foundation through building their emotional and social wellbeing of children.

Kathy will also talk about the importance of self esteem, resilience and the enormous power of children's play.

“There is much more to a successful life than academic achievement,” Ms Walker said.

“Australia has some of the highest rates of suicide, substance abuse and depression in young people.

“As a society, we have to ask ourselves what we are doing to set our young children up for successful lives beyond academic achievement,” Ms Walker said.

Kathy Walker, author of many books including ‘What’s the hurry’, will talk about what we do as parents in the here and now improves children’s social and emotional development rather than just focusing on what may happen in the future.

Attendees are asked to bring a notepad or iPad to the session.

Bookings can be made until 4pm on Wednesday 18 June at

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