Places Victoria - 329 Bay Street Cheltenham

20 March 2013

Council Responds to Places Victoria
329 Bay Road, Cheltenham development Proposal

Bayside City Council has had the opportunity to provide comment on an initial proposal presented by Places Victoria, the State Government’s Urban Renewal Authority, for its site at 329 Bay Road in Cheltenham.

In its response, Council will express a range of concerns it has with a proposal, which sought support for the rezoning and development of 329 Bay Road in Cheltenham – a 1.55 Ha site situated south of the CSIRO site in Highett.

Key elements of the proposal include a mix of residential, commercial and potentially retail uses at 329 Bay Road, including building height of up to 8 storeys and a new access to be provided at the Bay Road /Reserve Road signalised intersection.

The proposal aims to integrate the development of the CSIRO site and the 329 Bay Road and improve local access from Bay Road and Reserve Road by introducing a signalised intersection.   It also aims to improve open space with the provision of an integrated pedestrian and cycle network through both sites.

Places Victoria is currently in negotiations to acquire the CSIRO site and is considering options for a combined development that integrates land use and design.  Places Victoria is aiming to resolve a rezoning and development proposal so that the relevant Planning controls and provisions can be introduced for the 329 Bay Road site at the same time as the CSIRO site.

The land east and west of 329 Bay Road is currently zoned Business 3 and the land east and west of the CSIRO site is zoned residential.

A review of the proposal by Council has lead to concerns about site integration and traffic, land use impacts, building height, urban design and the proposal to implement changes to the Planning Scheme through a Ministerial Amendment process.

Mayor Stephen Hartney said that while Council has concerns regarding the current proposal for 329 Bay Road, it looks forward to working with Places Victoria and the Minister for Planning as it advocates on behalf of the community for the best possible outcome from both projects.

For further information regarding the Places Victoria proposal for 329 Bay Road in Cheltenham, contact Strategic Planning at Bayside City Council on 9599 4444.

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