Planning the Future for Bayside's Smaller Activity Centres

31 July 2013

Council is seeking community feedback on the draft Bayside Small Activity Centre Strategy that has been developed to better manage Bayside’s small neighbourhood shopping centres.

The Strategy deals with planning policies and controls affecting the smaller activity centres in Bayside such as building heights and setbacks, but not with issues such as parking, bins or street furniture.

Bayside has approximately 47 retail and commercial centres with an estimated 1800 businesses employing more than 3500 people.  Together these centres form a key component of the local economy of Bayside and play an important role in providing services and a community meeting point.

The larger activity centres in Bayside (Bay Street, Church Street, Sandringham Village, Hampton Street, Black Rock, Martin Street, Beaumaris Concourse and Highett) are subject to their own research and analysis and in most cases already have existing planning controls in place in the Bayside Planning Scheme.

However, the smaller activity centres, such as Were Street, Brighton, Hawthorn Road, Brighton East and Weatherall Road, Cheltenham, have limited policy guidance in the Bayside Planning Scheme. 

Following the adoption of the draft Strategy by Council, Mayor Stephen Hartney reflected that a number of these smaller centres have already been identified in the Bayside Housing Strategy (2012) as locations where additional small scale residential development can be accommodated in the form of shop top housing.

However, he emphasised the importance of ensuring that the right policy framework is in place to identify how these centres should be developed in the future, particularly in relation to the height of shop top housing and ways to encourage street life and activity.

“Future planning guidelines for these centres are vital because of the limited commercial zoning currently available in Bayside and the important economic role these smaller centres play,” Mayor Hartney said.

“The draft Strategy will focus on defining roles for these smaller centres, detailing proposed heights and rezoning, supporting the important social role a number of these small centres play in their local economy.

“For these reasons I encourage as many members of the Bayside community, and visitors to our City, to give us their feedback on this draft Small Activity Centres Strategy.”

The community consultation program will commence on 12 August and will run for one month.

For further information contact Bayside City Council on 9599 4444.

Page last updated: 31 Jul 2013