Progress of the Beaumaris Sports Club Pavilion

26 September 2013

Council has reaffirmed its support for the proposed Beaumaris Sports Club Pavilion at Banksia Reserve and has agreed to continue underwriting the project.

Banksia Sports Club has received funding commitments of $871,000 and an indication from the Australian Football League that the project may attract a grant of up to $250,000.

Council has also submitted a grant application to the Victorian Government for $650,000 for the Beaumaris Sports Club pavilion project and an announcement is expected in October.

Council’s commitment to underwrite the project is needed to meet the requirements for available grant funding.

Banksia Sports Club has made significant in-roads to achieving the ambitious fundraising targets set in July this year, and Council is satisfied of its capacity to raise the outstanding amount.

The Club has committed to a revised set of targets that will see 90% of the total funding for the project in place by 22 November.

Page last updated: 07 Oct 2013