Review of Bayside's Residential Tree Protection & Controls Adopted

7 May 2013

Following an extensive community consultation process, Council has agreed to commence implementing a series of actions to provide better protection for trees on private residential property.

Council will start work immediately to amend planning provisions and start standardising decision guidelines within the existing controls.

Council will also consider a report at its next Council meeting that further details a range of recommended actions raised by the community in the Review including providing more education and advice about tree species selection and management, landscape plan requirements, tree removal application decision making guidelines and incentives for planting and tree replacement.

Council resolved in 2010 to undertake a Review of Bayside’s existing vegetation controls, aimed at further developing and improving vegetation management on privately owned residential sites.

The Review sets out the current provisions and controls related to trees and identified areas on private residential land for improvement in Council’s controls and processes.

Mayor Stephen Hartney said that the significance of Bayside’s trees and vegetation is highly valued by our community as reflected in the existing planning policy and local law controls.

“The consultation program undertaken in preparation for this Review was well supported. Participants were supportive of more trees being planted as part of any new residential development, and the majority supportive of additional controls on trees located on private residential land,” he said.

Council also undertook an analysis of aerial photography taken between 2007 and 2009 across Bayside that demonstrated a reduction in total tree canopy cover in Bayside of approximately 8.8% over two years. While it was not clear whether this reduction in canopy was predominantly in the public or private realm, Council believed it helped motivate community participation in the Review process.

“On behalf of Council I want to thank all the community members who participated in this Review process. Their input is important if we are to achieve the best possible outcome for the whole community,” Mayor Hartney concluded.

For further information regarding the review contact Council’s Urban Strategy team on 9599 4444. To see the review document visit Council’s website at

Page last updated: 09 May 2013