Traffic Management - Streets off Bay Street Brighton

20 March 2013

Traffic Management Plan Endorsed for Streets Off Bay Street, Brighton

The traffic management plan, prepared by Council to address issues in streets affected by a major mixed use development at 386 Bay Street Brighton, has been endorsed by Council and will now be implemented.

The study area is bounded by Bay Street, Male Street, Durrant Street and Hampton Street Brighton.

The plan is the outcome of a comprehensive traffic study undertaken to mitigate the potential traffic impact resulting from the new development at 386 Bay Street Brighton. The traffic management plan was developed as a result of planning permit conditions issued by VCAT, recommendations from the developer’s traffic consultants and input from local residents.

The traffic study highlighted a number of traffic related issues that may potentially arise once the development at 386 Bay Street is completed. These issues relate to possible increases in ‘rat-running’, traffic volumes and on-street parking demand in residential streets.

The features of traffic management plan includes installation of splitter islands to reduce traffic speed, conversion of a one-way only exit at the northern end of Warriston Street to prevent ‘rat running’ vehicles trying to avoid the new traffic signals and  an installation of 2-hour parking along one side in local streets to protect residential parking.

To view the details of the traffic management plan please log in to Council’s website via or contact Council via 9599 4444.

Page last updated: 21 Mar 2013