Managing Bird Feeding in Bayside

28 August 2013

After considering community reports of inappropriate feeding of native birds in the Brighton area, Council will continue to seek local cooperation to cease the practice of bird feeding. At the same time, lobby the State Government to change legislation to prohibit the feeding of bird life including Little Corellas.

Council also recommended the inclusion in the Local Law No.2 Neighbourhood Amenity of a clause that “prohibits the feeding of bird life on private and public land within the municipality where it is determined by an authorised officer that the feeding is causing a nuisance to the community”.

As a result, Council will proceed to implement a community consultation and engagement plan as part of the process of including the new clause in Local Law No.2.

The issue of inappropriate feeding of native birds was raised with Council after community concern was expressed about the proliferation of Corella birds in Landcox Park, East Brighton and the resistance of a local resident to cease feeding the birds.

Page last updated: 29 Aug 2013