Awards and judging

All films entered into the Jump Cut competition will be in the running for the top awards. The winners will be determined by a panel of film professionals & Council's Arts & Culture officers.

The main awards conferred are:


Zoom Award  10 - 13 year olds   
Sync Award   14 - 18 year olds  
Focus Award  19 - 26 year olds  
International Award  

Open on to 10 - 26 year olds - international submissions only 

Key Light Award  All films screened are eligible for this $1,000 cash prize

Judging criteria

Generally speaking films will be judged on but not limited to:

  • Successful communication of the narrative (this includes entertainment and engagement value).
  • Technical competency (i.e. competency in the use of camera, lighting, sound and editing; consideration of copyright).
  • Innovation (i.e the excellence in the visual aesthetic, innovative approach to film making).

The panel may also make other Awards or Commendations.


Jump Cut Winning Films 2013


Zoom Award

 Now And Then
Sync Award

 No Bunyips
Focus Award

 It's Consuming Me
 This film won both the
International Award &
Key Light Award



More than 70 films were submitted for entry into the 2013 Festival, judging for the 2014 Festival will begin in the second week in May 2014. All winners will be notified by mid-June 2014.

For further information contact:

Jump Cut Project Officer


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Page last updated: 28 Mar 2014

List Of Things That
Really Annoy Me
dir. Beth Barnard
1:16 minutes
ani. Nick Kallincos

Finalist - Focus Award

The Snow Queen - 2013
dir. Annabel Hennessey
Pymble Ladies College, NSW
4:21 minutes
Finalist - Sync Award

Gay Goth Scene - 2013
dir. Kai Stanicke, Germany
4:57 minutes
Finalist - International Award

Mature concepts that deal with
sexual identity, bullying and suicide
are depicted in this film. This
depiction may be offensive to some
cultural and religious points of view.

Persons under the age of 15 years
should seek parental guidance before
viewing this film.

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