Conditions of entry


  1. Any Person/s wanting to submit a completed short film that complies with the criteria/conditions set out by the Bayside Film Festival.
  2. Individuals and school students are eligible to enter the Jump Cut competition of the Bayside Film Festival as well as international films and entries from across Australia.
  3. Young people from the ages of 10 to 26 not affiliated with a school or educational institution may also apply, but will need to specify the age of crew members at  the time of completing the film to qualify. Of primary interest are the Writer, Director and Producer (i.e. from the ages of 10 to 26).
  4. Bayside Film Festival will only screen films made from January 2012 onwards for the 2014 Festival. Whilst films up to 15 minutes in length are accepted, films with a  shorter duration times are encouraged.
  5. Deadline for Applications - registrations will be accepted up to 5pm, Wednesday 30th April 2014.
  6. The applicant grants the Bayside Film Festival the right to: 

    1. Exhibit the film in the Bayside Film Festival 2014 and other post-festival screenings facilitated to promote the works of young filmmakers and promotion of future Bayside Film Festivals.
    2. Reproduce the film for viewing online via the Bayside Film Festival website. (Please note: Winning films are placed online with the permission of the filmmaker.)
    3. Exhibit the production either in part or in total for promotional purposes.
    4. Use the film screen shots provided by the filmmaker in the promotion of the Bayside Film Festival (whilst appropriately acknowledging the filmmaker).
  7. Entries will not be considered valid until the entry fee has been paid. (Australian entries only. No fees apply to International films). 
  8. Films must be entered on DVD for judging purposes.
  9. A completed  Submission Form is required with your DVD.  All details in the Jump Cut submission form must be completed and include your age at the completion of the film. See Payment Section for Submission form and online payment.
  10. Selected films:
    1. If your film is selected for screening at the Festival, then a higher quality version of your film will be required.
    2. All selected films are to be submitted as .avi or .mov files copied onto disc from your editing system, with an aspect ration of 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 resolution at 25 Frames per Second. Ideally these films should be presented in DCP format for screening.
    3. You will be required to submit two different images of direct action from the film, these must be landscape files jpg. 300dpi.
    4. Please refer to the Selection and screening section of this website for more information.

Copyright - Very Important

  1. All shorts with segments or portions of music not copyrighted will not be screened due to copyright infringement laws.
  2. For explanation, read the section on Copyright Information.

 Winner of the Youth Documentary Project (YDP) top Award for the 2013
Bayside Film Festival 


 John and Jan's Mess
dir. Haldi Shafie
prod. Tysheen Chand
Dandenong High School, Vic
Documentary 2013 - 5:14 minutes
Facilitator. Gregory Erdstein

Bayside City Council would like to thank the stars of X FACTOR for providing the soundtrack for this trailer.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the 2013 YDP or the Digital Stories compilation discs they are available @ $10.00 each compilation, these can be booked @  
or contact


 Ownership, Content and License

  • By submitting your film you acknowledge that the submission has been shot and recorded according to the Bayside Film Festival guidelines and authenticate this short as your own submission.
  • The applicant has obtained permission from all participants involved in the film and any music used through out the film. It is the applicant’s responsibility that the film does not infringe the rights, including but not limited to, copyright or intellectual property etc. of another person, group or entity. Any music used must be credited and acknowledged. In your submission you must complete a list of all music used in your film. This list should detail each piece of music used in your film (title of composition, copyright owner and duration of music).
  • You indemnify the Bayside Film Festival, its officials, members, volunteers from and against any actions, claims, liability, loss or damage from the given dates of the ‘screening’ festival dates.
  • You grant a non-exclusive license to the Bayside Film Festival Inc. from the date of your submission until 31 May 2015 to publicly screen your submission, at any state or territory or national venue in conjunction with the festival organisation.

    For further information contact:

    Jump Cut Project Officer

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    Page last updated: 26 Feb 2014

    The Hunter Who Was Hunted - 2013
    dir. Djinn Schulz
    2:57 minutes
    Commendation - Zoom Award

    Morpheus - 2013
    dir. Sam Zagame
    7:56 minutes
    Commendation - Sync Award
    Sam was also a finalist in the
    2013 ATOM Awards for this film

    The Day Ahead - 2013
    dir. Hannah Veljanovska
    3:01 minutes
    Commendation - Sync Award

    Bruce Lee Played Badminton
     - 2013
    dir. Corrie Chen
    14:00 minutes
    Commendation - Focus Award

    Mee - 2013
    dir. Letty Felgendreher, Germany
    4:40 minutes
    Commendation - International Award

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