Image: Resonance Music Series artwork (image used grass seeds, black and red on white)

Melbourne Composers' League

The Melbourne Composer’s League is a not-for-profit association of Melbourne and regional Victorian composers, formed principally to further the interests of those working within this geographic region.

The League aspires to promote contemporary art music activities in Victoria within the context of the Asia-Pacific region. The MCL seeks to work with national and international organisations that are interested in composition, promotion and performance of indigenous and contemporary art music.

Melbourne Composers’ League: Subterranean Sonorities

Saturday 26 November at 3.00 pm

Trinity Uniting Church, 15 Black Street, Brighton

Peter Sheridan’s amazing low flutes create an atmosphere of evocative calm. In this concert of Japanese and Australian music, two cultural worlds are explored. Let the warm deep sounds of the low flutes envelop you with their beauty as this rare sound comes together with harp, didjeridu and viola to fill the air around you with unusual yet exquisite harmonies.

Tickets: Adults $20, concession $15, children under 9 free

Bookings: Tickets available at the door

Musician, Peter Sheridan

Header image:
Musician, Peter Sheridan with his low flutes.

Lucia Ondrusova

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