winner best of the best 8a iluka street black rock


The Awards are open to both residential and commercial properties.

Most Creative Design

Recognises buildings that exhibit distinctive design and landmark qualities, generated by new ideas and innovative use of form, materials, colours and technology.

Best New Building

Recognises the best overall contribution to the local environment across a diverse range of design criteria including architectural excellence, reflection of community aspirations, positive integration into the local context, affordability, durability, creativity, environmental sensitivity and innovative use of technology.

Best Medium Density Housing

Recognises outstanding achievement in the provision of medium density housing that integrates harmoniously into its setting, achieves a high level of domestic amenity and contributes positively to the local urban character.

Best Renovation / Extension

Acknowledges the careful design required to successfully add new elements to an existing building in a manner, which is complementary, respectful or challenging, yet enriches both the host building and the local urban setting.

Best Heritage Renovation or Restoration

Celebrates the design that underpins the creative and respectful renovation, extension and creative adaptation of heritage places to extend their useful lives and enable new uses while retaining essential heritage integrity.

Best Ecologically Sustainable Design

Recognises outstanding responsiveness to the growing need for energy efficiency and the emerging ecological challenges of our time, setting a standard for others to follow, while remaining respectful of established neighbourhood character.

Page last updated: 16 Oct 2014