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We help approximately 50 community focused programs make Bayside a better place each year. Below is a summary of one of the successful programs.

Flourish Transition Support Program

Flourish received a grant of $3225 to create a High School Preparation and Resilience Program. The program is designed to prepare and equip Year Six and Year Seven girls in their transition from primary to secondary school.

Flourish delves into topics such as organisation and planning, goal setting, managing homework and getting along with teachers.  The material is presented in creative and engaging ways each week through the use of videos, creative projects, skits, games, and team building activities.

The group discussions also offer practical advice and helpful strategies for maturing social skills making new friends, managing bullying, safe use of social media as well as many other pertinent issues.

The program focuses on empowering and encouraging girls, helping them to develop and maintain positive self-image and strong self-esteem, and equipping them to make positive and informed choices. It provides a warm and welcoming space for girls to share concerns and stories, ask questions, receive advice and support, form new friendships and have fun whilst preparing for high school together.

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Page last updated: 15 Apr 2016

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