Image representing Sandringham Foreshore Coastall Management Plan

Environmental Strategies, Policies, Masterplans and Management Plans

Bayside City council maintains a number of Strategies and Policies that provide direction for the management of Bayside’s natural assets.

Bayside’s Environmental Sustainability Framework

The Environmental Sustainability Framework 2016-2015 sets consistent direction and guidance for environmental planning and decision-making within Bayside City Council. 

Bayside Climate Change Strategy

The Bayside Climate Change Strategy is a ‘living document’ that will be regularly reviewed in consultation with the community and other key stakeholders.It is complemented by the Bayside Climate Change Strategy – A Plan for Council’s Operations, an internal technical document that provides the detailed background, technical analysis, risk assessment, strategies and actions for Council’s Climate Change Strategy. It provides more specific detail about how Council will implement the Strategy, including relevant strategies, plans and policies.

The summary document provides an overview of Council’s approach for addressing the challenges of climate change and key measures it will implement. It also provides a chronology of Council’s climate change activities. While the technical document serves as an internal action plan for Council, this summary focuses on communicating our plans and initiatives to the broader Bayside community.

Management Plans

Sustainable Resource Management

Strategies that guide the sustainable use of resources.

Tree Strategies and Policies

Strategies relating to the management of trees in our parks, streets and on private property.


Strategies and documents that relate the conservation of biodiversity and the management of bushland.





Page last updated: 23 May 2016