best of 2013

Most creative design

Recognising buildings that exhibit distinctive design and landmark qualities, generated by new ideas and innovative use of form, materials, colours and technology.

And the winner is...

Tim Jackson from Jackson Clements Burrows Architects P/L for 5 Retreat Road, Hampton

"This building could be a kid's cubby house, or an extroverted sauna, or a weekender by a forested lakeshore in Scandinavia.

Is it an acceptable built form in its streetscape context? How important is it that an infill building reinforces streetscape character; in general and in this particular context? This building brings these questions into sharp focus. Is a red hipped roof enough to align this building with its neighbours?

Two design approaches appear to be at work here. One is the valid approach of 'form following function', such that the exterior is a cladding of a series of interrelated internal spaces. The other is the determination to use one external material.

With the front door at the mid-point of the side elevation, the internal circulation can be assumed to be efficient.

The slope allows a two storey rear section to merge with the more modest scale of the front part.

Despite no evident 'arrival point' in the front facade, the building has a 'friendly' character.

Yes, it is permanent!"

Highly commended

Nicholas Wright from Nicholas Wright P/L for 7 Esplanade Avenue, Brighton

"At first glance, this building appears too fanciful to be serious.

On more careful review, it is appreciated for being a clever interpretation of design rules (such as ResCode) and the desired internal accommodation to succeed where many other are both logical and uninspiring.

This building admits and celebrates the (almost) inevitable double garage doors, so much so that they are the main feature of the lower facade. The change in materials responds to the side setback requirements by creating two distinct forms. The apparently arbitrary angles reference nearby roof forms. 

This is facade architecture when most hoses are structures 'in the round', but there are glimpses of the built form behind.

In a narrow and short street of varied architectural eras and styles, this is just another. A striking addition to its streetscape."


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