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Schools and Teachers

We support schools that desire to incorporate environmental activities into their programs. We do this by encouraging teachers to develop a whole-of-school approach to teaching about the environment.

We do this by:

  • Supporting the participation of schools in the AussieVic program (or similar)
  • Providing opportunities for real-life learning through the Brighter Schools eNewsletter
  • Providing teachers with professional development opportunities by funding participation in the Teachers Environment Network
  • Sustainability in Bayside schools

ResourceSmart Schools

The ResourceSmart Schools program provides the opportunity for schools to be formally recognised for their sustainability programs through the 5 Star Sustainability Certification Program.

The program assists schools to conduct sustainability planning and to take actions that contribute to resource reductions in the areas of biodiversity, energy, water and waste. These actions can result in significant cost savings for schools.

For more information on ResourceSmart Schools visit their website

Brighter Schools eNewsletter

Bayside Council provides excursion opportunities for schools throughout the year – such as educational trips to the ReThink recycling education centre.  These opportunities are announced via the Brighter Schools eNewsletter.

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Teachers Environment Network (TEN)

Teachers in Bayside are able to attend the Teachers Environment Network. This network connects teachers who share an interest in the natural environment, provides access to resources, and seeks to help teachers educate their students on the world around them. 

Bayside Council is a financial supporter of the Port Phillip Eco-centre, enabling Bayside Teachers to attend the network for free.

For more information on the Teachers Environment Network

Page last updated: 07 Jul 2015