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Brighter schools for a better tomorrow

In 2014, we had a variety of support mechanisms in place for supporting our schools.

Areas covered by Council’s school programs include workshops on catchments and the marine environment, financial and mentor support for ResourceSmart Schools, waste and biodiversity audits, and CRT support for teachers who need to leave class in order to support learning programs.

Our education contractors and partners in 2014 were the Port Phillip EcoCentre, EnviroCom and the Dolphin Research Institute.

2014 snapshot

Bayside Schools got up to a lot in 2014. You can have a look at what they did in our 2014 Schools Snapshot.

All year levels


  • Incursions are where teachers and experts come into your school or centre, vouched for by Council, to educate, inform, and engage your students
  • 2014 incursions were for waste, water and biodiversity


  • We have a variety of excursions available where experts engage with your students in age-appropriate environments, particularly around waste, water and biodiversity, and encourage an understanding of the Bay and our impact on it
  • Biodiversity activities such as matching plants in local parks with images of local plants
  • Waste excursions include to a working recycling facility and the Replas recycled plastics manufacturing plant


  • Biodiversity: Measuring and monitoring biodiversity in your school; Having a baseline for biodiversity in your school or around your school area can help in providing habitats for native animals, work out what might be suitable for your school, and provide your students with an understanding of the local environment
  • Waste: Measuring and monitoring waste streams and amounts in your school. Having a baseline for waste in your school can help assess the impact your school is having on waste streams, and help in developing plans to reduce waste

Resource Smart Schools

  • A nationally recognised 5-Star accreditation framework that supports whole-school sustainability, with a focus on cross-curriculum learnings
  • A core framework with program areas of core, water, energy, waste and biodiversity
  • Provides practical skills such as interpreting bills and documenting actions and activities
  • Council can provide financial and in-kind support, as well as identifying and accessing experts who can further support ResourceSmart within your school


Although we're halfway through 2015, keep us in mind to support your school curriculum needs. This information is not a guarantee of what is still available for 2015. If this inspires you and your school, contact the Environment team at Council for more details on 9599 4444 or email for details and a chat about what we can offer your school.


Page last updated: 07 Jul 2015