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Active Service Model - South Division Health (SDH)

The Home and Community Care (HACC) Active Service Model (ASM) is a long-term quality improvement initiative for Victorian HACC services to increase the Victorian HACC Program's effectiveness in maximising independence through person centred and capacity building approaches to service delivery. The core elements of the HACC ASM are:

  • Capacity building, restorative care and social inclusion to maintain or promote a person’s capacity to live as independently and autonomously as possible
  • A holistic person and family centred approach to care that promotes wellness and active participation in goal setting and decisions about care
  • Timely and flexible services that respond to the person’s goals and maximise their independence; and
  • Collaborative relationships between providers, for the benefit of people using services.

The Active Service Model (ASM) approach is supported by five key principles

  • People want to remain autonomous
  • People have potential to improve their capacity
  • People's needs should be viewed in a holistic way
  • HACC services should be organised around the person and carer; the person should not be slotted into existing services
  • A person's needs are best met where there are strong partnerships and collaborative working relationships between the person, their carers and family, support workers and service providers

What this really means

"Working with the person to stay as active, connected and independent as possible".

Further information

The SDH ASM Industry Consultants are available to work with HACC agencies to further embed the Active Service Model (quality improvement approach) within their current practices.

          Alison Clarke                                                              Paula Clancy
          p: 9599 4462                                                              p: 9599 4714
          m: 0419 376 893                                                       m: 0419 186 291
          email: aclarke@bayside.vic.gov.au                        email: pclancy@bayside.vic.gov.au


For more information please also feel free to contact Catherine McGarry, SDH ASM/Diversity Administration Officer, via email cmcgarry@bayside.vic.gov.au or on 9599 4773.

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Page last updated: 19 May 2016