Amendment C151 – Hampton East (Moorabbin) Structure Plan Implementation:

Next Steps

Council received submissions to Amendment C151 thoughout July and August 2016.

A report will be presented to Council which considers the submissions and whether these can be resolved.

Council may decide to change or abandon the amendment, or may request an independent Planning Panel be appointed to consider the submissions received.

The Planning Panel may make recommendations to Council about how to proceed with the Amendment.

All submitters will be notified when the submissions will be presented to Council, and the process for presenting at the Planning Panel hearing.


Where does Amendment C151 apply?

The Activity Centre Zone will apply to the Hampton East Activity Centre. This area has been identified below:


The process to date:

The Hampton East Activity Centre was identified in the Bayside Housing Strategy 2012 as being an area where higher density development and future population growth can be accommodated. This is due to its strategic location near a range of shops, services, facilities and public transport.

The need to develop a Structure Plan for the Hampton East Activity Centre was identified in the Bayside Housing Strategy 2012. The development of the Hampton East (Moorabbin) Structure Plan occurred from 2013-2015 and involved three rounds of community consultation. The feedback from the community during these sessions helped to inform the final Structure Plan. The Hampton East (Moorabbin) Structure Plan was adopted by Council in February 2016.

Amendment C151 seeks to implement the vision, objectives and strategies of the Hampton East (Moorabbin) Structure Plan into the Bayside Planning Scheme. This will be done through the introduction of an Activity Centre Zone Schedule 1 as well as through amending a number of existing Clauses within the Bayside Planning Scheme.

Changes proposed to the Bayside Planning Scheme

The planning scheme amendment documents available for inspection are available to view at Council's headquarters and libraries, and are also available on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.



Page last updated: 22 Aug 2016