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Amendment C135 – Modification to Heritage Overlay at 453 New Street, Brighton

Amendment C135 was approved by the Minister for Planning on 19 March 2015. Amendment C135 amended the Bayside Planning Scheme by extending the Heritage Overlay (HO282) at 453 New Street, Brighton to include the stable building at the rear of the site. The Amendment also includes the Heritage Review as a reference document within the Bayside Planning Scheme.

Previously, HO282 only applied to the former mansion house ‘Tullavin’/'Greenfield' and a small amount of adjoining land, but not the stable building.

The following reports were prepared by Council to inform the amendment:

The amendment was placed on exhibition from Thursday 18 September 2014 until Monday 20 October 2014. Council received twenty (20) submissions. Council did not request that a planning panel be held as none of these submissions requested a change to the amendment. 

The approved amendment is now available and can be viewed at the Bayside City Council Corporate Centre (76 Royal Avenue, Sandringham VIC 3191) or via Council’s website: 

Should you have any further queries regarding Amendment C135 please contact Matt Budahazy, Strategic Planner, on 9599 4444. 

Page last updated: 26 Mar 2015