Two dogs on the sand at Brighton Beach


Make sure your pets are registered, search for lost and found animals and take advantage of Bayside's off leash areas:

The time to desex

If you own a pet and do not intend to breed from it, have it desexed. You are less likely to forget to desex your pet if you have it done as soon as the pet is purchased or obtained. Cats and dogs can safely be desexed at three months of age.

The Department of Primary Industries have put together a brochure about desexing and also have information about pets on their website.

 The time to desex is when you get your pet (PDF, 186KB)

Pet clubs in Bayside

View the Animals section of the Community Directory for more information.

Fireworks, heat and pets

Summer and in particular the New Years period has the potential to pose a threat to your pet’s health and wellbeing. We’ve compiled a few pet safety tips to keep in mind during the holiday season:

  • Canine companions should never be left in a car alone on a hot day because the temperature inside a car can be in excess of 30 degrees higher than the temperature outside a car.
  • Remember to leave extra water out for pets on excessively hot days. Ensure their water is not in the sun or in metal containers. Before walking your dog, check the temperature of the footpath – if the pavement is too hot for your hands or feet, then it is too hot for your pet's paws.
  • Take care of pets during any fireworks displays in your local area over the festive season. Ensure your dog is in a secured yard/enclosure as fireworks can cause stress and fear in many dogs, which can cause them to escape from backyards. If possible, keep pets indoors or in a safe place. Keep them in familiar surroundings with toys, bedding, bowl etc.

Animals found wandering the streets will be collected and impounded. If you have lost a pet, please call Council on (03) 9599 4444 during business hours or the Lost Dog Home on (03) 9702 8055 between 9am and 1pm Saturday-Sun, including Public Holidays.

Page last updated: 09 Nov 2015