Your fortnightly green waste service: The green waste collection is an optional user pays service. Contact Customer Service on 9599 4444 to order your bin, a one-off fee applies. Handy hint: You can place Vegetable/fruit peelings into your green waste bin

Green waste service


The August-September 2016 edition of Lets Talk Bayside incorrectly stated that the price for this service is a one-off fee of $84.  Please note that the correct fee for this service is a one-off charge of $90.85.

To register for green waste collection, please use our online form.

You can add grass clippings and flowers into your bin

You can add branches (up to 75mm diameter and 750mm long) into your bin

You can add weeds and garden prunings into your bin

Do not place the following into your bin:

red cross image no logs
red cross image no food waste
red cross image no plant pots
red cross image no recyclables
red cross image no dirt
red cross image no garbage
red cross image no rubble or soil
red cross image no plastic bags
red cross image no nappies

Garden waste collection

 Collection calendar and map 2016–17 (PDF 515KB)

Bayside Waste Guide (PDF, 6.84MB)

Page last updated: 08 Aug 2016