Open Space Strategy

The Bayside Open Space Strategy, adopted by Council on 10 April 2012, was developed with a high level of community input over the last three years.  During the finalisation of the strategy, the draft Bayside Open Space Strategy: Suburb Analysis and Action Plan was developed.  This document accompanies the Bayside Open Space Strategy and provides a more detailed approach as to how the principles, policies and actions of the Bayside Open Space Strategy will be applied at a local suburb level.

The feedback and submissions that were received during the 2011 engagement program assisted with the completion of the Bayside Open Space Strategy.

Bayside Open Space Strategy: Suburb Analysis and Action Plan

The Suburb Analysis and Action Plan looks in detail at each of Bayside’s nine suburbs and provides the following:

  • Suburb overview
    A brief overview, distinguishing characteristics and a history of the suburb.
  • Distribution and nature of open space
    An analysis has been undertaken of how far properties across Bayside are from open space within each suburb. This has been done by measuring a 400m radius, (approximately a 5 minute walk) from spaces that are of a sufficient size for people to undertake both passive and active recreation.
  • Demographic profiles & suburb based survey results
    This section reviews the current demographics of each suburb. Household and dwelling types are also an important consideration as higher density living such as apartments and units increase the need for open space as people may not have access to backyards. Comments from previous open space consultation are also outlined here.
  • Population and housing projections
    Future projections relating to population growth and development help inform the recommendations around where future open space should be located, what types of open space and the amount of open space the suburb may need to meet the current and future community needs.

This document also assesses each suburb’s open space network against the 6 principles established by the Bayside Open Space Strategy which help guide decision making in relation to the open space network.

Council resolved to adopt the Bayside Open Space Strategy at is Ordinary Meeting of 10 April 2012. The adopted report and appendices are available for download from the links below. It can also be viewed at the Corporate Centre and Bayside's libraries

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