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Open space Amendment (C110)

Bayside Open Space Strategy

The Bayside Open Space Strategy (BOSS) and the Bayside Open Space Strategy: Suburb Analysis and Action Plan (BOSS-SAAP) seek to guide how open space may be used, developed, managed and maintained across Bayside.

The BOSS and BOSS-SAAP were developed with extensive community input and adopted by Council in 2012.

Amendment C110 – Approved

Amendment C110 was approved by the Minister for Planning on 25 June 2014 and came into operation when it was published in the Government Gazette on Thursday 26 June 2014. The Amendment implements the BOSS and the BOSS-SAAP.

The approval of the Amendment introduces a 5 per cent levy on the value of the land for all residential, commercial and industrial subdivisions, which will help Council plan and fund the improvement of public open space. The Amendment rezones 16 small suburban parks across Bayside to ensure their ongoing use for public recreation. These are:

  • Ashwood Avenue Park, Highett
  • Corner Chavasse and New Street Reserve, Brighton
  • Cora Lynn Park, Brighton
  • Curly Rourke Reserve, Hampton East
  • Glen Edward Rice Reserve, Brighton East
  • Holyrood Street Park, Hampton
  • Ice Works Reserve, Brighton
  • Lewis Reserve, Brighton
  • Little Brighton Reserve, Brighton East
  • Old Dairy Reserve, Brighton East
  • Pasadena Avenue Park, Beaumaris
  • Pennydale Park, Cheltenham
  • Spring Road Park, Hampton East
  • Sue Kirkpatrick Park, Beaumaris
  • Train Street Park, Highett
  • Tulip Grove Playground, Cheltenham

The Amendment also rezones three reserves to conserve their unique environmental values. These are:

  • Long Hollow Heathland, Beaumaris
  • George Street Bushland Reserve, Sandringham
  • Ricketts Point Landside Road Reserve

More information

All approved Amendment documents can be viewed on the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (DTPLI) website.

If you have any further queries regarding Amendment C110, please contact the Strategic Planning deparment on (03) 9599 4444.

Page last updated: 11 Feb 2016