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Neighbourhood Character Review

The Neighbourhood Character Review aims to develop guidelines and controls to ensure residential development in Bayside respects and enhances the neighbourhood character of the area.

Stage 1
Stage 2

Stage 1

Stage 1 of the Review, now completed, introduces a new Neighbourhood Character Policy into the Bayside Planning Scheme.

The Neighbourhood Character Review Stage 1 is now complete following the Minister for Planning’s approval of Amendment C48 to the Bayside Planning Scheme in March 2006.

The amendment introduces a new Neighbourhood Character Policy into the Planning Scheme.

The policy identifies twenty seven neighbourhood character precincts across Bayside.

Preferred future character statements and guidelines are included in the policy for each precinct. 

The guidelines and policy are to be used in formulating and assessing development proposals where planning approval or variation (report and consent) to siting under the Building Regulations is required.

The map below delineates the precincts included in the Neighbourhood Character Policy. 

Brochures for each precinct can be viewed by selecting from the following list:

Documents relevant to Amendment C48 include:

Printed copies of the Neighbourhood Character Review – August 2004 ($11 including GST) may be purchased at the Bayside Corporate Centre, Sandringham.

Copies can also be viewed at the Bayside Corporate Centre in Sandringham and Council Libraries at Brighton, Hampton, Sandringham and Beaumaris.

Please note: Neighbourhood Guidelines do not apply to Heritage Precincts.

Stage 2

Stage 2 of the Review has identified areas across Bayside that are considered to have a high or moderate degree of neighbourhood character significance.  Council has sought the community's views on these areas and has resolved to pursue further planning scheme protection in Amendment C80 to the Bayside Planning Scheme.

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