The Bayside business employment area is located in the Bay Road/Reserve Road area of Sandringham, Highett and Cheltenham.

This area contains 20% of the jobs in Bayside and has the most significant concentration of employment related land outside of the Activity Centres in Bayside.

Currently, the Bayside Planning Scheme provides a plan for the area’s rejuvenation as a high quality business location to help encourage more jobs in Bayside. However, the area is under increasing pressure to be developed for more housing.

It is important that the right amount of land is set aside for business and employment in this area to ensure that Bayside has enough jobs available locally.

There is also a need to ensure that the linkages between the Bayside business employment area, the Highett Activity Centre, the Southland Principal Activity Centre and the Cheltenham Major Activity Centre are capitalised on.

Changes that will impact on the whole area include the future role and function of the CSIRO site, a potential new railway station at Southland, and opportunities for joint marketing and branding of the wider area.

There are also transport and access issues relating to the local road network and the need to improve vehicle access to key sites.

Bayside business employment area map

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