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When is a planning permit required?

A permit is required to construct a building or carry out works, including a fence where the building works include a:

  • 'lot' less than 500 sq m in area
  • site containing more than one dwelling (multi-units)
  • site title containing a Section 173 Agreement / Restrictive Covenant
  • dwelling listed as a heritage place in the Bayside Planning Scheme and doesn't meet requirements of Council Height Control Overlay as noted in Clause 43.02 (Design and Development Overlay)
  • subject site falling within a Special Building Overlay (Clause 44.05) of the Bayside Planning Scheme (Department of Planning and Community Development)

A Statutory Planning Permit is not required for construction of a detached house or building and works in relation to a single dwelling (including outbuildings) if:

  • the 'lot' is above 500 sq m in size and is not covered by any planning overlays or limited by any Section 173 Agreements or Restrictive Covenants.

Prior to commencing any development or building works, it is suggested that you confirm whether a permit is required by submitting an Application for Planning Information (PDF, 5.17KB)  or contacting Council on 9599 4444.

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Page last updated: 28 Jun 2016